LAHORE - Muhmmad Bani Asadi, Consul General of Iran, has appreciated FPCCI proposals and suggestions, including reviewing its trade policies for Pakistan, for consolidating and strengthening the Pak-Iran economic ties.

On a question about Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project, Bani Asadi said Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline is one of Iranian government’s top priorities and Pakistan government should also positively work to resolve issues associated with subject matter. He informed Iranian trade policy will be revised during upcoming visit of Finance Minter Ishaq Dar to Iran.

These views were expressed by him during his visit to FPCCI on Monday. Bani Assadi said that the business communities in the two countries would have to increase interaction to share their experiences in the larger interests of the people of two brotherly nations. He said that the volume of mutual trade between Pakistan and Iran does not match their respective potentials. FPCCI regional chairman Mian Rehman Aziz hoped that Iranian trade planners would show the same foresight to ensure greater role to be played by Iran particularly in regional trade. He said, “There is a dire need of policy revision from government of Pakistan and Iran to enhance trade capacity of both countries. The Iran’s import policy presently is very strict and adversely affecting Pakistan’s exports to Iran. Iranian Government should review its trade policies for Pakistan.”