ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Army has reopened for traffic most of the roads closed due to the recent rains and landsliding in Malakand and Hazara Divisions.

Efforts are under way to reopen the remaining roads in these areas at the earliest.

According to ISPR, repairing of KKH is in progress at 4 places including Khial, Dassu, Nomad tunnel and Attabad. It said 70 plants and 550 troops are working day and night.

But continuous rains and landslides are hampering restoration works. About 700 kilometers of roads including Gilgit-Skardu have been reopened for traffic.

One C-130 carrying 11 tons wheat reached Skardu to meet the immediate food needs of the local residents.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Army’s Special Communication Organization (SCO) Engineers have evolved alternate arrangements for telecom services in Gilgit and Skardu following damage to Optical Fiber Communication (OFC).

SCO engineers have fully restored Rawalpindi-Gilgit OFC network after restoring the cable at 25 damaged locations and Gilgt-Skardu OFC alignment was also restored after completing the repair work at 15 locations, thus fully restoring the Skardu region’s telecommunication.