Disney cartoons are like fairy worlds where each character has their own unbelievable stories full of adventures and magic. We had to spilt the section in two issues to get them covered.

6. Anna and Elsa’s parents died on their way to the wedding of Rapunzel.

 Jennifer Lee, the director of ’’Frozen,’’ said during the Reddit conference that the king and queen of Arendelle were going to the wedding in the neighboring kingdom. Married Rapunzel and Flynn can be seen on Elsa’s coronation day. Most likely, the rulers of Arendelle were sailing to the wedding when they died in a terrible storm. Or not?

 7. The little mermaid explores the ship of the king and queen of Arendelle.

 The Kingdom of Arendelle, where the ship started its journey, is situated at the place of Norway. Rapunzel’s Kingdom of Corona is somewhere in Germany. The story of ’’The Little Mermaid’’ takes place on the coast of Denmark that is located on the route of the ship.

 8. Tarzan is the brother of Anna and Elsa.

Lee said at the same conference: ’’According to Chris (Chris Buck is a co-director of ’’Frozen’’ and director of ’’Tarzan’’), the king and queen of Arendelle died in a shipwreck. They were cast ashore on a tropical island. They built a tree house, where the Queen gave birth to a boy. But the family was attacked by a leopard, and only the baby survived.’’ So Elsa and Anna have a brother, and it’s Tarzan!

 9. Carl dies at the beginning of ’’Up’’.

 The first five minutes the cartoon tells us the love story of Carl and his wife, which looks not only touching but also quite realistic. That’s why it seems strange that the rest of the movie is full of the magic elements such as talking dogs and a flying house. However, if we assume that the action takes place in the afterlife, where Carl tries to find his wife, it all makes sense. A Reddit user gives many arguments in favor of this theory in this post.

 10. ’’Aladdin’’ is just a story made by the salesman who wants to sell you a lamp.

 A savvy seller talks to you at the beginning of the cartoon, he is desperate to sell you something. You want to leave, and he makes the last attempt to stop you — he pulls out a lamp out of his sleeve. He says that it is not an ordinary lamp and begins to tell you the story of Aladdin.

 Published on April 9, 2016 in Young Nation magazine