A small robotics startup from Pakistan is changing the way people interact with their surroundings and they have just gone ahead and launched a range of wearable gadgets using augmented reality that will provide simulations for military purposes or within a gaming environment.

Founded by two brothers, Muhammad Nabeel and Muhammad Huzaifa, Haptika consists of a team of students who are passionate and excited about innovation in robotics and are working on Haptika as part of their engineering final year project(FYP). Incubated at The Nest i/o, P@SHA’s Tech Incubator, Haptika delivers interaction beyond imagination in virtual reality and gaming and enables people to touch and experience the temperature of a virtual environment. They are providing wearable haptic feedback suits with temperature sensation and even motion capturing ability for a highly immersive experience. Haptika, even with its incredibly small yet immensely team, is still one of the first companies from Pakistan to step into this field.

Adorable Little Girl Emerges From A ‘Star Wars’ Costume

Filmmaker and cosplayer Mars Mel of Red Planet Productions, recently attended the WonderCon 2016 in Los Angeles, and was greeted by an adorable little girl dressed in a transforming BB-8 costume.

With compartments to pop her hands out, and a detachable head piece, the little girl amused the crowd by sticking her thumb up, which had a fake torch attached to it.

After emerging from her costume, she was greeted by another little cosplayer in an Xenomorph costume.

Published in Young Nation on April 9 2016