LAHORE: Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq has said that the Panama leaks had confirmed the JI stance that after law and order, corruption was the biggest problems facing the country.

Addressing a joint press conference with the PTI central leader Shah Mehmud Qureshi, in Islamabad on Tuesday, Sirajul Haq said if the Prime Minister wanted an independent enquiry into the matter, then he should step down and hand over his office to some other person of his party till a thorough investigation was held about the off shore companies owned by his family and the report was out.

He said the nation as well as the world community had learnt of the dubious methods one of the most corrupt persons was adopting to hide his wealth that had been plundered out of the public exchequer.

The Premier would have to disclose how his family got such a huge amount of money that had been invested in the off shore companies, he added. He said it was a matter of great shame that the Prime Minister of an Islamic state and his family were involved in financial corruption, he said.

The JI Chief stressed if the Prime Minister of Ukraine and Iceland could resign on public demand, why should Pakistan’s Premier not step down for the same reason?

He said that justice demanded that instead of trying to hide corruption, the Prime Minister constituted a judicial commission headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan for an independent enquiry into the whole matter.  He said that the commission announced by the Prime Minister could not meet the demands of justice.

Sirajul Haq said that the JI and the PTI were allies and the two parties had same stance regarding administrative and financial corruption. He said the JI would hold a big public meeting in connection with the Corruption Free Pakistan, at Peshawar on April 23 and another meeting would be held in the Punjab on April 24. 

Speaking on the occasion, Shah Mehmud Qureshi said that PTI chief Imran Khan’s stance on corruption was already known and he had rejected the official commission and was demanding a commission headed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.