LAHORE - Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said Pakistan is moving towards peace, progress and prosperity due to the fact that a number of public welfare projects, and those for power generation are being completed speedily and transparently.

Talking to elected representatives of Pakistan Muslim League-N yesterday, the CM said that the sit-ins politics created a lot of problems in the process of development and prosperity of the masses. The visit of Chinese president was also postponed due to the sit-ins in Islamabad, which hampered the projects of billions of dollars while a huge loss was caused to the national economy.

“Pakistan cannot afford the politics of protests. It is not the time for politics of narrow interests but to serve the country,” Shehbaz Sharif held.

“China has given a historic package of 46 billion dollars to bolster Pakistan’ economy which is an invaluable gift for the Pakistani people and there is a need to take full benefit from this package for moving forward,” he further said.

He was sure that the politically conscious people would not allow anyone to create hurdles in the process of progress and prosperity and the nefarious designs of such elements would be foiled as in the past.