Sulman Ali


Taher Shah’s new song video “Angel” has got over two million official views within 48 hours of its release as the bizarre music sensation has taken the internet by storm yet again.

Rather he has literally “Broken the Internet” with his new creation. Highly-confident Taher Shah has not disappointed his fans and listeners at all; he gave them the song which they were desperately awaiting. Taher unlike his Eye to Eye song has this time attempted to create an aura of spiritual world in his new number and it has definitely make the people squirm (with happiness obviously). One is impressed and disgusted at the same time.

His last song Eye to Eye went viral for its quirky dance and simple lyrics. This time around Taher is working on divinity, and let me say it he has not disappointed his huge fan following, he has not lost his persona. Taher has again managed to come up with the ‘awesome’ lyrics. He once again carried the great fashion sense, the inclusion of a heroine in his video and even a child in it, which shows that he is not self obsessed as his critics called him in his last song, where he was romancing with his own eyes, no sir, he is an ANGEL for mankind (Straight from someplace else and not heaven as besides white he uses purple and sea green gowns).

Let me start with the lyrics, which blows the listener away and leave him/her in state of shock and one just lost in translation as to what was the message or motive behind the song. Taher has again written the lines which will definitely be listened by the coming generations, like who can use words like “essence” and “jovial” in their song, lyrics like “Within a human being is an angel” and “Your love is my true angel,” like how can one write these lyrics, but I will not suggest anyone to translate them in Urdu because these are just for English.

Now let us concentrate on the fashion, costumes, their drapes, and the floral silk gowns. The fashion designer (which I am sure is Taher Shah himself) must be commended for the great creations and as they say in fashion world, how greatly he has carried them. How he sways in them while what can be termed as his unique dance. Some people are gossiping about the purple gown of Taher Shah (It is hoped they (females) don’t fall in love with the dress as it would be a nightmare to see people wearing them). The singer has taken it to next level with the “Fairy Wand” in his hand like how much more can one angelic then this? It is humanly impossible. And cherry of cake is the ‘Tiara’. I will remember two tiaras throughout my whole life, first one was the tiara of Harry Potter, which was a Horcrux of Voldemort and second one is Taher Shah’s. He was put it so beautifully on his great straight curly hair.

The most prominent development in this number from the last one, Taher has included a heroine (another angel) and even a child in it. He created a beautiful angel world with a family massage for both human kind and for the angels too. Taher has beautifully transformed the song from a romantic one to father-son love. He includes the whole family in one song. His great creativity is at work in this video. The cinematography of the song and the direction is good.

Last but not the least, Taher Shah is man of confidence and he does his work with full self-belief. It is separate debate that what kind of work is it. He sings with full confidence, wears the silk gowns like they are made for him. He writes the lyrics himself. It is like Meera and her English, both don’t care about what others think about them, they just carry on with their grace and fluency.