Hafiz Azhar Jutt


Stalls and makeshift setups of unhygienic food items at roadsides and on the streets are spreading diseases across Kamalia.

The vendors sell dirt-laden shawarmas, burgers, tikkas and kebabs. These stalls lack cleanliness. Despite the government’s initiative for sanitation and hygiene, local administration has turned a blind eye to the situation. Parents and social circles have protested and demanded action against such sellers.

It is a common scene that handcarts and temporary stalls have been set up at every available roadside and densely populated streets. These stalls sell contaminated and dirty products to public and can be observed at opposite roadside of every school. These are hazardous to health. People fall ill routinely after eating these contaminated food items.

The government has organized a program to monitor the sanitation and hygiene situation of all major hotels and restaurants but same is not applied to these roadside stalls and handcarts. There is no system of check and balance by the Health Department. Authorities concerned have turned a blind eye to the issue.

As the sun sets, fast food sellers put up their stalls at every corner. A large number of people specially youth eat these items but fall ill with stomach diseases. Social circles have protested over the situation and demanded sincere notice by the government.

They demand that these stalls must be checked for cleanliness and hygiene. The material that is being used at these stalls must be hygienic. Moreover, dirt that is blowing from passing vehicles gets mixed into the food that is being prepared at these stalls.

Assistant Commissioner Chaudhry Khalid said that a strict action will be taken regarding cleanliness and sanitation in Kamalia. Deputy District Health Officer Dr Shaukat Ali said that a campaign against such shopkeepers is underway and shall continue in future.

EDUCATION TERMED ESSENCE OF LIFE: Children should be provided best education and groomed properly to become successful and dynamic individuals in life because they are the future builders of the country.

Renowned Educationist Abdul Rahman Punni stated in a prize distribution ceremony at a local school here the other day.

He appreciated the confidence and performance of the students, who he said, embodiment of hope and bright future of the nation. He said that education is the essence of life that permeates spirit of development and progress.

He said that children are being given lessons but some institutes are not training them well along with education. Parents and teachers must realise their responsibilities and obligations, he emphasised.

He urged the teachers to expand the teaching from mere general curriculum and include social and humanitarian skills to transform the students into a good human beings.

Later, Prof Abdul Rahman Punni distributed prizes to position-holding students and staff.