Global health organizations including the pioneer World Health Organization (WHO) have raised caveats yet again about the Zika virus outbreak in European countries. This is third deadliest epidemic down the line which started engulfing lives in recent years after Ebola and Swine flu. Despite the advancements in healthcare dispensation worldwide, these kinds of outbreaks are the cue that intense overhauling is imperative in global health sector and reshuffling of priorities needs to be considered scrupulously.

The very fact is that, the masses are by and large aware about the particular epidemic’s causes, symptoms and the ways of treatment. Bulk of populace is oblivion about necessary knowhow which create further risks associated with epidemics and can also exacerbate the crisis. They need to be taught about the ramifications of a viral disease if not handled sagaciously.

The latest tragedy in the shape of Zika virus has started raising grievous concerns of population living in above 40 countries worldwide including prominent countries like Brazil, US and Canada. The panic in the concerned departments which are aware about the consequences has been erupted after the diagnosis of this virus in such a large expanse.

The Zika virus spread through the bites of Aedesspecies of mosquitoes and mainly active in morning and dusk to hunt its prey down. The mosquitoes capable of injecting this disease would have a gene Aedes which will transmit it to the host as vector. During the vast outbreak in Brazil and other countries during 2013 to 2016, it is indicated that the virus is egregious to the immune and neurological system of the human body. It can bring lot of complications likewise to the human health and can be tantamount of dengue fever.

Being out from the cluster of diseases that contain systematic medications and apt treatments, diseases linked with this resurging pestilence brought apparent remonstrance in pharmaceutical industry. There is not a single antibiotic available to the patients which can be used to cure this virus’ devastations. It is fortunate that Zika virus has not that prevalent yet but certainly increasing its numbers very quickly. World’s health organizations should persuade scientists to do some research and delve out bright solution in terms of medications so that large number of people living in susceptible terrains across the world could be saved in coming decade! This virus is capable of destroying an entire generation because it has its prevalence in pregnant women is high who would be destined give birth a physically disable child.


Islamabad, March 12.