KARACHI - M Abbas, 27 years old, fast bowler was not immediately selected for the national team but it was due to his brilliant performance in the two seasons that led him become the preference of the selectors.

“M Abbas belongs to a small village Jethi of Sambrial district in Punjab. He initiated his early education and cricket from there and has experienced a lot of ups and downs through this phase,” reported BBC, Urdu on Tuesday. The main reason of preferring him for the national team was his brilliant performance, Inzaman ul Haq and fellow selectors did not have to give a lot of thought in considering Mohammad Abbas for the team.

Due to his bright performance in Quaid e Azam trophy, he acquired 71 wickets this season. Last year, the bowler gained 61 wickets and even while playing for Pakistan television he showed outstanding performance. Earlier, Abbas thought of moving out of the country for a job search, he said, “I am the eldest son to my parents, hence for earning I even planned to move out of the country but my friends advised me to stay, conditions will get better here.”

He added: “Earlier I worked for a welding and leather factory for eight months and also worked for registering properties of the court for approximate of 2 years. I never wanted to quit cricket.” Finally, the tables turned for him and he said, “I was offered to play in district 19 and my lawyer friends did not permit me but they allowed me to play the match later.”

According to Mohammad Abbas, hard work is never wasted; it will always give you something. Usually first class wickets in Pakistan cricket is said to be favorable for batting, for it helps the spinners in bowling but as per Abbas, the player’s task is just to perform.

He said: “This year in Quaid e Azam trophy only one match out of ten, in which our team had the chance of securing wicket in the rest 9 matches, we did the balling. It does not really matter how the cricket is, you still will have to put in efforts. While I am bowling, I steer clear of the batman’s weaknesses and strengths which make it easier for me to oust my opposition.”

M Abbas takes Shaun Pollock and Glenn McGrath as his inspiration. He has been playing in Sialkot region’s team with fast bowler Mohammad Asif for two years now and frequently seeks advice from him.