Prominent rock singer, Ali Zafar has written a letter to some educational institutions and organisers of musical concerts to end the VIP culture during their musical shows so that the gap between singers and a common man could be eliminated.

While on a concert with Atif Aslam in Karachi, both the artists had to perform for some of the VIPs who were seated on the front seats while their actual fans, the students, had to stand at the back and enjoy the event from a distance.

The singer then wrote an open letter on his official Facebook account that was addressed to the concert organizers, institutions, promoters and schools.

He said that arranging sofa sets and special chairs in front of stage create distance between the singers and general public.

"The all VIPs and general public should sit together in musical functions without any distinction, as this will bring a positive change in the society," said Ali.

In the end of his letter, he stated, "Not have this VIP seating area in front of the stage and allow the real audience, students and fans, to be front and center.”