MULTAN - A ‘Learning Festival’ was organised here to educate the public especially women and students about the use of social media here on Tuesday.

Working women and housewives took great pleasure in attending the informative event. Educational programmes about child protection and community service were presented to educate the attendees about the safe use of social media. The presentations were very informative for mothers who know a little about the use of social media and particularly security of social media accounts, said a house wife Zubaida Manzoor. The event enlightened the guests with the high quality teaching programmes.

Speakers said that the main purpose of organising learning festival was to educate women about the cyber safety and the safe use of technology. They added that community service session was also organised which was aimed to increase health and hygiene consciousness.

Curricular and co-curricular activities were also arranged for the guests and parents. Online games were arranged for children to acquaint them with the use of modern technology. There were dazzling performance such as recitals and aerobics by the students, followed by a very entertaining and engaging live musical show. Painting competition was also organised for the children and prizes were distributed to the winners.