Three more people died in Kashmir as the Indian forces are continuously doing cruelty with the people of Kashmir still none of the country is willing to help them. In the last month, the cruelty and killing of the Kashmiri people was very common as 15 people including a woman were brutally killed by the Indian forces. A woman was killed which left two children orphaned; who will take care of them now? During this, 287 people were injured and more than 213 were arrested. More than a thousand people have been killed or injured. The houses, hospitals and other necessary things have been damaged. According to experts, since 1989 more than 68,000 Kashmir people have been killed by the Indian forces. Cruelty within Kashmir will continue unless UN or other organisations or countries will support them. It is the responsibility of each organisation to help each other, so that Kashmir should be supported for getting their rights. 


Turbat, March 29.