Islamabad-The Federal Minister for Education, Baligh-ur-Rehman Tuesday said that situation of education has improved in centre and Punjab as compared to Sindh.

He said this during meeting of Senate Standing Committee on Federal Education and Professional Training held under the chairmanship of Senator Rahila Magsi.

The meeting was also attended by Senator Mushahid Hussain, Senator Khusbakht Shujaat, Senator Ayesha Raza Farooq, Senator Nuzhat Sadiq and officials from HEC and education ministry. 

The minister informed committee that number of out-of-school children has reduced in centre and Punjab during last three years; however, improvement is required in the Sindh province.

The minister also said that education budget has been increased while the universities not meeting the criteria set by Higher Education Commission (HEC) have been issued notices.

“It is the first time that country has developed an education standard and universities are being credited in international rankings,” he said.

The minister also informed the committee that statistics regarding facilities provided to schools have also improved.

“In 2012, the percentage of basic facilities in schools was 64 per cent which has improved to 72 per cent now,” he said. The minister also said that A-level and O-level education system falls under Inter-Provincial Education Minister’s Conference.

Senator Ayesha Raza Farooq complained about the biased role of Inter Board Chairman Committee (IBCC) in issuance of equivalence certificate.

“Discrimination is being done with the students enrolled in A-Level and O-level programs,” she said.

The senator said that IBCC representatives should be here in the meeting, adding that they should be called in the next meeting.

The secretary education while briefing the committee said that in National Council for Curriculum, three provinces have regular members while Sindh is representative by observer. He informed the committee that last time curriculum was reviewed in 2006, and now it is again being drafted which will complete in six months likely.

The standing committee decided to write a letter to government of Sindh for their participation in the Inter Provincial Education Minister’s Conference (IPEMC) as a regular representative.

Chairperson Committee Rahila Magsi said that the concerned high authorities of the Sindh government would be called in the next meeting if needed.

The chairman of the body said that the permission would be taken from the Chairman Senate for calling the IBCC officials in the next meeting.