The latest violence witnessed in Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK) resulted in the death of six persons and more than two dozen were injured. This took place on April 9 as Indian security personnel opened fire on protesters campaigning against the by-election in Srinagar.

Firing bullets into masses of protestors is as contemptible as any state action gets, but the Indian forces returned to using a much more heinous tool – shotguns using steel pellets. Despite the massive outcry by human rights groups across the world, India continues to use the weapon that has caused partial to severe blindness among countless Kashmiris. Injuries and even fatalities are collateral of protests and clashes with protestors, but India’s use of inhumane, indiscriminate and brutal methods is far beyond what any reasonable state should ever use.

The Indian government would do well to heed the message of the Kashmiri people, but it is unlikely that the increasingly right-wing Hindu nationalist government will be partial to a negotiated solution that respects the rights of the province’s people. This regime has shut its eyes and point-blanked refused to talk about the Kashmir issues, hoping that not talking about it will make it go away.

On Monday, Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Farooq Abdullah, also asked India to wake up to the atrocities that were being committed in Kashmir and think of a political rather than a military solution. If India does not mend its fences, the consequence of it would be losing Kashmir.

As long as the Indian government continues using oppression, this problem will not go away, and the moderates in India realise this. The Pakistani government must ensure that it assist the Kashmiri people in any way and mean possible, they keep arguing the Kashmiri cause and that that they keep highlighting Indian atrocities at the world stage.