National Assembly Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq on Wednesday said that Pakistan and Afghanistan are partners for peace and stability, consolidation of democracy, and human development in the region and beyond.

He highlighted that not only historical, cultural, religious and geographical affinities but also commonality of our challenges bind us together in a strategically amicable relation.

He was speaking to Afghan Ambssador to Pakistan Dr Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal in Islamabad.

Referring to current trust deficit in bilateral relations, the speaker underlined the need for comprehensive engagement and collective dialogue as highly imperative for harmonious relations. He highlighted that Pak-Afghan relations are deep rooted in stronger people-to-people contact, cultural affinities and shared interests.

Sardar Ayaz Sadiq remarked that Pakistan is the largest stakeholder in a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan and further added that the future of both countries is linked together.

Afghan Ambassador Dr Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal endorsed Ayaz Sadiq’s proposal for fruitful and consistent inter-parliamentary relations to bridge the recent trust deficit. He reiterated that Pakistan and Afghanistan are inseparable in terms of joint challenges and both countries are determined to open a new chapter of cordial bilateral relations.

He said that relations with Pakistan were of paramount importance in Afghan foreign policy and expressed his hope that people on both sides of Pak-Afghan border share their future in a peaceful and prosperous region.