GUJRANWALA/KAMALIA-Hundreds of pensioners including retired teachers staged protests here against the government authorities for not releasing their pensions for the last five months.

The protesters holding banners and playcards chanted slogans against the government and the officers concerned. They said due to non-payment of pension, they have been unable to meet their expenditures and unable to pay utility bills. They demanded that their pensions be released as soon as possible otherwise they will hold a sit-in in front of Municipal Corporation office.

Later, the officers of Municipal Corporation assured the protesters of issuance of their pensions and the protesters dispersed peacefully.

Similarly, the retired teachers of Kamalia are also unpaid of their pensions since December last year and they are facing starvation. They visit the accounts office daily in hope for some good news. Municipal Committee officials were of the view that pension procedures have not been devised since the end Local Govt Ordinance and the pension shares have been sent to the district government. The retired teachers protested and demanded immediate issuance of pension. They requested the government to take pity on the people who have spent their lives educating the children as now their own children need food and clothes.

On the other side, dozens of citizens protested against Nadra officials for not providing facilities and also not cooperating to issue identity cards while one protester got unconscious and was rushed to DHQ Hospital.

The protesters alleged that they queued up early in the morning while the officials of Nadra reached late and also they gave priority to their relatives and friends. However, the other citizens were compelled to stand in the queues for many hours, they regretted. During the protest, a citizen got unconscious due to hot season and he was rushed to the hospital by rescue 1122 team.

VISIT: SSP special protection unit Syed Ali Mohsin Naqvi paid a surprise visit to Nandipur Power Project and inspected the security arrangements.

During checking, he recovered cell phones from the pockets of about 15 officials and showed his displeasure over the matter. He broke all the cell phones by hitting them with the walls.

BAN ON WALL-CHALKING: The local government has stated that there is a complete ban on wall-chalking and posters.

A meeting of the local government officers and Printing Press owners and painters was held. They said, “All those involved in wall-chalking will be booked. The Punjab Government has imposed a ban on religious, political and all other kind of posters and wall-chalking.” The printing press owners and painters assured the local administration of their cooperation in this regard.