HYDERABAD - Scorching heat with low level of humidity paralysed the life in Hyderabad City on Tuesday.

Doctors have advised people to adopt precautionary measures to protect themselves against heatstroke.

On Tuesday, the Meteorological Department recorded maximum temperature at 42 degree Celsius with 8 percent humidity. The minimum temperature was 23.5 degree Celsius early in the morning.

As a result of sizzling heat, people experienced difficulties in carrying out their routine work as well as work in industrial units, public and private offices, particularly educational institutions.

The scheduled and unscheduled loadshedding by the Hyderabad Electric Supply Company also tested people’s nerves amid the soaring temperature. Water also disappeared in various localities such as Hyderabad City, Latifabad and Qasimabad.

Hyderabad Commissioner Sohail Rajput, at a recent meeting where he reviewed the possible impact of heatwave, had expressed satisfaction with the arrangements made by various departments to counter the extreme weather in Hyderabad. He had told officials to have a close coordination to deal with any eventuality in the summer season.

He had said that various departments should acquire timely information from the Meteorological Department and guide people about precautionary measures against heatwave.

He also said that generators, ambulances, ice blocks and necessary medicines, including ORS, should be available in abundance in the market, heatstroke centres and hospitals. Banners should be displayed on the premises of all hospitals and prominent places of Hyderabad, guiding the citizens to adopt precautionary measures against heatstroke.

Medical Superintendent of Liaquat University Hospital Dr Abdul Wahab informed the meeting that heatstroke wards had already been set up at Hyderabad and Jamshoro hospitals. Dr Abdul Aziz Thebo has been appointed focal person for issues relating to heatstroke. He will coordinate with the medical and paramedical staff in case of an emergency.

He said that all arrangements had already been made at Qasimabad, Shah Bhitai and Paretabad hospitals where separate air-conditioned heatstroke wards had been set up with medical and paramedical staff to attend to patients of dehydration and heatstroke. Besides, six ambulances are available at these hospitals, which are under control of the health department, he added. He said that arrangements had also been made at 60 health units with availability of nine ambulances and round the clock service for patients.

A task has also been given to lady health workers to launch an awareness campaign in the district with advice to people to adopt precautionary measures against heatstroke, he said. Medical facilities will also be available at 38 health units of the district that are under control of PPHI.

Also, Larkana city and its surroundings remained in the grip of heatwave on Tuesday, forcing the majority of people to stay indoors.  The Met Office recorded 43 degree Celsius maximum temperature.

In Mirpurkhas, hot weather continued to burn the city on Tuesday with temperature touching 41 degrees Celsius.