LAHORE - Aalmi Chaddar Orh Tehrik chief Pir Kabir Ali Shah says people working at the spiritual seats are supposed to guide their followers, not receive donations from them. Fake spiritual leaders are bringing bad name to the genuine ones, he said while addressing the participants of Urs of Syed Faqir Muhammad Gilani Chaurahi. A large number of his followers from various parts of the country attended the Urs. Pir Kabir regretted that those associated with spiritual seats were fighting because of financial interests. He cited the example of a recent tragedy in Sargodha, in which the so-called spiritual leader killed some 20 people for the sake of money.

The ACOT chief said he had directed his followers not to donate anything to his shrine after his death. He also asked them to pledge that they would not use narcotics.

Syed Ahmed Sibtain Haider Gilani and Syed Ahmed Mustafain haider Gilani also addressed.