LAHORE - Punjab Halal Development Agency (PHDA) Chairman Justice Khalilur Reman Khan has said that the UAE authority has allowed transportation of halal products through sea that would bring down the cost of freight by one third.

He was addressing the foreign delegates participating in 6th International Halal Conference here at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry along with LCCI President Abdul Basit, Senior Vice President Amjad Ali Jawa and Executive Committee members. Participants of the International Halal Conference from Russia, Tartaristan, Indonesia, Malaysia, UK and UAE also spoke on the occasion.

The PHDA chairman said that the PHDA have Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with various countries and authorities to make it’s certification acceptable for them. He said that Pakistan Halal Authority has also been operational and first meeting of its Board of Directors is being held on 13th of this month.

He said that PHDA is also organising training programmes for butchers to aware them of the Sharia requirements. After that they would be given licenses. He said that now is the time to boost up the Pakistan economy while exporting surplus halal products available in Pakistan. The PHDA would support the halal products exporters. He urged the LCCI to appoint a focal person for close liaison between PHDA and the LCCI.

The PHDA chairman said that 6th International Halal Conference will augment the halal business of the country. He further said that the Punjab government is striving to boost the halal industry of the country and this event aims to increase the potential of halal trade in the province.

The LCCI president said that halal Food has become billion dollar global economy today, wherein Pakistan’s share is still insignificant. It is high time for Pakistan’s economy to get a boost not by getting aids from foreign countries but by exploiting the untapped potential of halal foods that has created a brand new Global Halal Economy in the world.

He said that halal global economy includes all type of food and non-food products ranging from food and food ingredients, all types of beverages, cosmetics and beauty products, and a host of services including banking and takaful etc. The ‘Halal Label’ is recognised in the world as a symbol of “Good Quality Product”; therefore, non-Muslims are also buying products bearing the Halal logo.

The LCCI president said that despite being the natural base for halal products, the Pakistan's share in Global Halal Market is negligible. Today a much bigger share of halal business is in the hands of non-Muslims and they are utilising the halal brand to their economic benefit. “Pakistan being an Islamic country has to understand the importance of Halal Certification to get the Halal Branding, as this would boost our exports and help us transform the face of Pakistan's economy,” he added.

“The total worth of global halal trade is well over $300 billion. If Pakistan is able to attain only 10 percent share of this trade then we can expand our exports easily by $30 billion. It is high time that all the public and private sectors organisations should work hand in hand to materialise this objective”, he added. Later, businessmen from Central Asian Republics and Russia had B2B meetings with their Pakistan counterparts.