Notorious Lyari gangster Uzair Baloch who goes by the name of ‘Sardar’ and ‘Abba’ made startling revelations on Wednesday regarding the nexus of crime and politics during a joint investigation.

According to top investigative sources, Uzair told about a hoax from a significant political figure.

Baloch said that he received Rs10 million for allotting the ownership of lands adjoining to Mawach Goth and Northern Bypass. He received Rs6 million for not being a hurdle in the way of a political personality in grabbing land near Maripur 500 quarter.

In 2011, Uzair was directed by a provincial minister to solve dispute between two different properties for which he was given Rs50 lac and Rs40lac. He was also utilized by an influential political leader for buying 40 bungalows worth millions of rupees in cheaper rates.

After the Shershah scrap market incident on October 19, 2010, an important government representative of that time ordered Uzair to murder a man of the opposition in place of his own.

The gang leader also revealed that he had contacts with a female politician of Sindh over the matter of tickets from Lyari during the 2013 elections.

Pakistan Army on Tuesday took Uzair Baloch into custody under the Pakistan Army act. ISPR said that Uzair has been taken into custody on charges of espionage, for leaking sensitive security information to foreign intelligence agencies.