KASUR - With the gradual change in weather, waste dumps and accumulated sewage have become breeding grounds of mosquitoes and flies whose abundance has made citizens’ nights restless.

The report of a survey conducted by The Nation reveals that the arrival of summer has given rise to mosquitoes and flies. During the survey, residents of different areas of Kasur city and surroundings told this correspondent that the abundance of these insects have made their nights restless. They said that their bites are also causing malaria and other mosquitoes-borne disease among citizens, especially the children who are more prone to mosquitoes’ bites. They regretted that despite malaria and other case of mosquitoes-borne disease, the administration has not conducted fumigation in the city. Citizens including Yaseen, Imran, Qasim, Ahmed and Allah Rakha demanded the district administration to ensure fumigation in the city and surroundings for elimination of these insects so that the citizens could heave a sigh of relief.