The PML-N losing chairman senate election despite definite margin of winning seats, general elections 3 months away means Election Commission Pakistan should be high on heels yet it is not only laying flat but probably snorting too, the process of electables shifting their political affiliations is on rise, the aroma of cooked up conspiracy theories can be smelled by those who have developed taste for them, relations with America, our most important ally, are running along the line of sweet and salty; amid all this internal and external crosshair a politician like Chaudhry Nisar is the last thing people would want. His presence adds a little more to all which has been listed. 

Beginning from the dissolution of federal cabinet, following the ouster of Nawaz Sharif, Chaudhry Nisar’s media sessions have been weighty with paradox and repetition. 

Every time he faced camera Nisar displayed his disgust to some of the PML-N colleagues, who are dear to party leadership. In between he never missed to fire tight-lipped statement or two to warn Nawaz Sharif and company to revisit their policy of collision against army and judiciary. However solemn, his suggestions never clicked Nawaz Sharif. This, however insulting, could not deter Nisar from standing his grounds nor it proved to be reason enough for him to part his ways with the PML-N. 

Once again, when Chaudhry Nisar decided to call a press conference previous week it became a much awaited event as always. Partly because it was announced just at the point when current and prior interior minister were engaged in heated argument, partly because for media Chaudhry Nisar is still the synonym of hype. 

Nevertheless, media interaction took place and every word of it turned out to be a repetitive chorus of some half an hour long kawaali. He had absolutely nothing new to say. Google any of his media talk or interview post Nawaz Sharif departure, the body of those, you will find, would be spirited with the crux of his latest chatter. He took pains to say what he has said more than at least once, so did we listen and read when we have done both previously. 

Unless press and public totally turn their back to what he has to say, Chaudhry Nisar should either bring change in his narrative or change the habit of facing media frequently. 


Tharparkar, March 23.