Kabul has quite rightly and somewhat emphatically asked Kabul and the Resolution Support Mission to do more to eliminate terrorists sanctuaries in Afghanistan instead repeatedly asking Islamabad. 

According to the reports in the newspapers, Foreign Office Spokesman in his weekly briefing in Islamabad the other day has pointedly stated that Pakistan has continuosly highlighted the presence of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) sanctuaries in Afghanistan and it is a matter of satisfaction that Washington is addressing the issue, however more needs to be done in this respect, furthermore categorically stated there is no organized presence of terrorist groups in Pakistan who has carrying out intelligence based operations to eliminate the remaining elements, Islamabad has also asked the US government to share intelligence for definite and result-oriented action against terrorists on soil of Pakistan, PM Abbasi during his recent private visit to the US had held talks with US Vice-President Mike Pence as well as other officials on bilateral relations between the two countries and the situation in Afghanistan. 

The FO spokesman also said Pakistan is making all possible efforts to ensure safety and security of foreign diplomats , is deeply concerned over the treatment being meted out to Pakistani diplomatic staff in New Delhi. 

It is a bitter fact that both New Delhi Kabul are in habit of accusing Islamabad of doing this and that to divert the attention of international community from its continuing atrocities and brutalities over innocent Kashmiris struggling for securing their birth right of self-determination in held Kashmir against Indian occupying forces and also its continuing committing gross violations by way of firing and killing innocent civilians across the Line of Control (LoC) and regretfully is quite successful in hoodwinking and blinding the countries across the globe through its false and concocted allegations and tension prevails between the two countries despite Islamabad’s sincere efforts to normalize ties by solving Kashmir and under outstanding disputes peacefully while Kabul also is not doing to eliminate terrorists from its soil. 


Lahore, March 23.