ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Director General Amer Ali Ahmed has ordered inquiry against the contractors and all those, who are involved in the project of replacing perfect-shaped roof of Liaqat Gymnasium with a new one, which has started leaking.

It was witnessed yesterday that the Liaqat Gymnasium new roof started leaking after last night rain while the entire wooden floor was presenting swimming-pool look. Amer himself rushed to the spot and witnessed the entire scene. He ordered to seal the gymnasium, so no one may destroy the proof, while he not only took pictures, but also ordered to make complete video footages of the entire venue.

Earlier, the perfect-shaped Liaqat Gymnasium roof was replaced on the orders of former PSB DG Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera, who gave contract to his bled-eyed XEN Ijaz Akbar, who had failed to satisfy with his work and a number of inquiries are still pending against him.

Despite a number of warnings to Ganjera form deputy director generals to avoid work on roof, as it was constructed by top Chinese contractors and was in perfect shape, but the former DG never bothered to pay any heed to the DDGs and other concerned persons and with the backing of IPC minister Riaz Pirzada, he managed to replace the roof, which has now started leaking and a threat to lives of sportsmen and officials.

When contacted, Amer confirmed The Nation that he had ordered inquiry against the contractors and all those, who are involved in inflicting not only huge financial damages on the national kitty, but also putting the lives of innocent athletes, people and officials at risk.“I am surprised and hurt to hear about it. We can’t keep our eyes close on such issues, which can inflict huge damages on national cause, as international athletes train and participate in events, while our own kids also train and take part in national events.

“I have ordered to stop payments to the contractors, and ordered to complete the pending inquiry against the contractor by Monday next. I am not going to tolerate such things. As long as I am here, I am giving warning to all employees to be very focused and perform their official duties with complete dedication and follow rules and regulations, or else, they have to face the music,” he added.

Ever since Acting PSB DG Amer has taken over the charge, he started ensuring rule of law and passed on directives to maintain complete record of all payments and bring everything in black n white, while he has also ordered strict discipline and stopped payments of a number of contractors and initiated inquires against all those, who failed to complete work in time, or their work was not satisfactory.

The powerful mafia in PSB started using delaying tactics and is not ready to cooperate with DG and spreading rumours that he doesn’t have any power and there is no need of cooperating with him.

The PSB DG said that he had noticed a number of irregularities and clarified that athletes and officials his top most priority and he is not going to sit back and let the people dictate terms.

“I warn all to make their house in order, follow office timings, not to waste time in chit chat and not to leave office premises without intimation, or else, I will not only take strict action but also issue showcause notices to all the violators. Let me assure all that all those, who are responsible in damaging national assets like Liaqat Gymnasium, will have to pay a very heavy price,” he added.