ISLAMABAD - Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday said that he told Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to make the NAB law ineffective ahead of the election schedule in the country.

Talking to media outside the Accountability Court, he said that NAB should not be mandated to pressurise politicians contesting elections, therefore he had talked to PM Abbasi to make the NAB law ineffective.

To a question regarding cleanliness in the Adiala Jail for housing a special prisoner, he said that preparations are underway in the jail for housing a special prisoner. However, he said how the jail authorities came to know about the arrival of the special guest to the jail. He said that NAB court was not mandated to complete a trial in six-month time but it was ordered to wrap up the trial of the Panama case in six months and also announce punishment in the case.

Responding to a question about Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Nawaz Sharif said that people better know Chaudhry Nisar and he does not want to speak about him.

To another question regarding alleged disclosures of the personal secretary of Tehmina Durrani on a private TV channel, Nawaz Sharif said that he does not know the person and therefore he cannot comment on his statement.

The ousted premier also underlined that Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has accomplished record development projects in South Punjab. He stated that exemplary development projects, including schools, colleges, universities, roads infrastructure, transportation and water schemes have been initiated to facilitate the people of South Punjab.

To a question regarding receiving eight thousand rupees from each student to construct a university campus in Lodhran, the former prime minister said that he does not know about the issue.

Earlier, Nawaz Sharif’s counsel Khwaja Haris completed his cross-examination of JIT Head Wajid Zia in the Avenfield refence ten days after he began examining the witness.

Defence Counsel Khwaja Harris asked if there was any document in the JIT report to prove that Nawaz Sharif possessed ownership of Nelson and Nescol companies, Wajid Zia replied that there was no such document available to prove ownership of any company in the JIT report.

The defence counsel again asked whether the JIT documents found any relevance regarding ownership of Avelfield by Nawaz Sharif, the JIT head informed that there was no such document in the JIT report.

To a question about possessing shares of an off-shore company, Wajid Zia replied that the JIT did not get any evidence that shares of the Nelson and Nescol were ever possessed by Nawaz Sharif.

Wajid Zia also stated that JIT did not get any document to prove that London apartments have ever been remained in the ownership of Nawaz Sharif, adding the JIT had endeavoured to accumulate such documents and evidence.

The defence counsel asked Wajid Zia whether during the course of investigation, the JIT found out that its member Bilal Rasool was the nephew of Mian Azhar, the JIT head replied in affirmative. He asked Wajid Zia whether it in his knowledge that wife of Bilala Rasool had contested elections in 2013 on the ticket of PML-Q. To which, the JIT head said that nothing like this came in his knowledge during the course of investigation.

 The defence counsel against questioned that whether it was in his notice that wife of Bilal Rasool was an active supporter of PTI and son of Mian Azhar Hammad Azhar during investigations of JIT held a meeting with Imran Khan. Wajid Zia replied that nothing such came in his notice during the course of investigation.

When Khwaja Harris started questioning about JIT members, NAB Prosecutor Sardar Muzaffar objected to it, saying these questions are being raised to scandalise the JIT members. He said that the defence counsel could not raise irrelevant questions. On this, hot words have also been also exchanged between Khwaja Harris and Sardar Muzaffar.

To a question of Khwaja Haris whether the State Bank of Pakistan had proposed the name of Amir Aziz as JIT member, Wajid Zia replied that Aziz was made part of the JIT by the Supreme Court. Khwaja Harris also stated that whether Amir Aziz has also been part of Hudaibia Papers Mills case. The JIT Head replied that this is not in his knowledge.

To this, NAB Prosecutor Sardar Muzaffar raised objection and said that whether the defence counsel wants to challenge the formation of JIT. Sardar Muzaffar informed the court that formation of JIT members has not been challenged at any forum. Upon which Khwaja Harris stated that it his right to know about the members who investigated the witnesses.

The NAB Prosecutor said that witnesses had not challenged the JIT report. To this, NAB Accountability Court Judge asked both the defence counsel and NAB prosecutor to be short and relevant to their questions.

Khwaja Harris pointed out that JIT member Irfan Mangi is also facing inquiry regarding his appointment as Additional Director NAB.

On which Wajid Zia replied that it had been learnt that inquiry is under process against Irfan Mangi.

To this, NAB Prosecutor said that these are irrelevant questions. To which Khwaja Harris said that it his responsibility to bring misinformation about investigators into the court’s notice.

To a question that Brigadier Nauman Saeed was not a regular employee of ISI, Wajid Zia said that this is not in his knowledge.

JIT Head Wajid Zia was also cross-examined by Maryam Nawaz‘s Counsel Amjad Pervaiz at the NAB Accountability Court.

To defence counsel’s queries, Wajid Zia informed the court that he completed his graduation in 1984 and assumed the government service in 1988 as ASP in the Police Service of Pakistan. I have also worked as an investigative officer and have knowledge about criminal cases’ investigation. I am also familiar with police laws regarding interrogation and investigation. I have also completed training courses about investigation, he informed.

To a question, Wajid Zia informed the court that the JIT was mandated to provide answers to the questions raised by the Supreme Court within the timeframe of two months. He said that the JIT was not mandated to conduct criminal investigations cases as it was given the authority of the CRPC, NAB Ordinance and FIA’s Investigative powers.

He said that in JIT’s Diary Dispatch Register, general correspondence was written, adding the JIT members used to look at confidential matters by themselves.

He said that the JIT secretariat staff comprised of 30-40 persons and the names and designations of these 30-40 experts were not mentioned in the JIT report as the apex court was requested to keep names of these experts of different fields secret.

The Supreme Court has allowed the JIT to have supporting staff, adding the JIT in its report has mentioned about the presence of supporting staff.

During cross-questioning by counsel of Maryam Nawaz, Amjad Pervez asked the JIT Head that on which date the JIT report was forwarded for binding. Wajid Zia replied that binding was made at the very moment and final binding of the report was done last night. The defence counsel asked whether the JIT interrogated Imran Niazi, Wajid Zia replied that they did not include Imran Niazi in the investigation.

Do you know Imran Niazi is a political opponent of the PML-N, questioned Amjad Pervez. To this, NAB prosecutor said that the defence counsel is asking irrelevant questions.