islamabad - Pakistan National Council of the Arts Film Club is making efforts to entertain and promote Pakistan film industry and artists by projecting their work. Film Club coordinator Aijaz Gul told APP that new talent could learn from the film industry’s golden era.  “Films from our glorious past which were related to our folk culture and traditions, glimpses of international cinema, and the dazzling presence of movie celebrities is in the priority list of our film club,” he added.

Aijaz Gul said that the Club also organized screening of International films in collaboration with concerned countries embassies .He said that PNCA Film Club was also planning to preserve over 5,000 Pakistani films produced by film-makers and producers in the last 70 years.  He said that the history of Pakistan’s film industry was extremely rich but there was a disconnection between the younger generation and the glorious past of our cinema; preservation would help them learn about our past, adding that more efforts should also be made to raise awareness about film and people associated with it.