islamabad - Islamabad Rural Zone police have arrested 638 outlaws during the last two and half months and recovered looted items and cars worth over Rs.39 million from them.

Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, SP (Rural Zone) Hassam bin Iqbal said that an effective strategy was adopted to curb criminal activities in the area and remarkable success was achieved. He said the police traced 39 cases of dacoities and theft. He said that community policing is being focused by Rural Zone police and gap between police and public would be reduced.

The SP said that efforts are underway to control crime in the area and policing affairs are being run on merit. He said that anyone with complaint can visit his office. He said that police recovered looted valuables worth Rs. 39.17 million from the accused. He told the media that three blind murder cases were also traced during this period while 102 proclaimed offenders were nabbed.

He added that two non-registered motorbikes, four bikes bearing the registration numbers RIB-8254, RIP-5879, LEW-3319, ADP-884, tiles worth Rs. 20.25 million, two mobile phones, clothes and blankets were recovered from the accused. Regarding recovery in the cases of Loi Bher police station, he said that three motorbikes (RIO-5612, AGM-317, RIN-2342), cash, gold ornaments and mobile phones were recovered. The SP said that two non-registered motorbikes, one registered motorbike (L-7662), two cars (LZR-100, IDL-9886), cattle, cash and gold ornaments were recovered by Khana police station. He also appreciated Shehzad Town police station for recovering five cars (UG-905, FDV-4878, FDN-487, RIS-39, LWA-3733), three motorbikes (EL-041, LOZ-4357, RIL-4540), laptops, cash, mobile phones and gold ornaments.

Likewise, he said, Sihala police recovered a motorbike (XM-749) and gold ornaments while Nilore police recovered two bikes bearing registration numbers STH-5476 and RIL-4716. On the occasion, vehicles, bikes and other valuables were recovered to their actual owners. The people appreciated performance of Rural Zone police which recovered valuables worth millions of rupees under supervision of SP (Rural) Hassam bin Iqbal and returned it to them.