MULTAN-Lahore High Court Chief Justice Muhammad Yawar Ali has said that success can be achieved in all fields by ensuring rule of law in the society.

Talking to delegations of different bar associations from across South Punjab region here on Wednesday, he said that dispensation of justice is impossible until bar and bench cooperated with one another. He asserted that dispensation of justice would get quicker if bar and bench are strong. He said that it is both the lawyers and judges who have to drive the justice vehicle jointly to offer justice to the society. He stressed upon the judges and lawyers to strive for giving justice to the society and develop exemplary relations. He declared that the issues being faced by the bars would be resolved soon.

The Lahore High Court CJ noted that the lawyers played an active role the rule of law in the country. He said that the country would automatically take to the path of progress if there was rule of law. He said that we needed to fully support the people who sought justice. He declared that the judiciary would come up to the expectations of the masses for provision of justice to them.

He said that the problem faced by the lawyers were his personal problems and work is underway to make assessment on facilities needed by the bars in all districts. He declared that the bar associations in all districts would be given equal facilities. He said that issues like E Library, shortage of chambers and more land for chambers, dispensary, security, walk through gates and canteen would be resolved very soon. He added that water filtration plants would soon be installed at all district and tehsil bars while shortage of judges at courts would also be removed.

While addressing district judiciary here at Circuit House, the Chief Justice said that the judges had taken oath to abide by law and to fulfil the requirements of their office regarding dispensation of justice. He asked the judges to give verdicts in light of law and constitution to uphold the respect and dignity of judiciary. He said that the major role of judiciary was to protect the rights of people and offer justice to each member of the society.

He warned that the society would reach at the verge of destruction of distinction between the oppressor and the oppressed was removed. He asserted that the dispensation of justice was the factor that put the nations on path of progress and prosperity. He stressed upon the judges to discharge their obligations with utmost honesty and ensure that the justice was equally available to all members of the society and not any particular individual.

He said that law was equally applicable to all citizens including himself. He asked judges to dispose of cases quickly in light of constitution and law and pave way for dispensation of justice.

Earlier, The chief justice inspected district courts and parking area in police lines. Multan Deputy Commissioner Nadir Chattha briefed him on the occasion. A police contingent presented salute to the Chief Justice. He also visited martyr monument in police lines and laid floral wreath on it.