LAHORE - The Awami Workers Party (AWP) has expressed concern over the treatment being meted out by the Federal Ministry of Education to teachers of the Basic Education Community Schools who have not been paid for over a year now.  In a statement issued here on Thursday, AWP senior leaders Abida Chaudhary, Nusrat Bashir Zafar and Shazia Khan demanded that community teachers must be paid at least the minimum wage committed by the government in every year’s budget and the students must be provided books and stationery as agreed by the government in literacy-enhancing project, which was 25 years ago. ”It is highly deplorable that these community teachers are only paid Rs8,000 salary plus Rs1,000 for utility bills while they are sparing parts of their home premises for community teaching without any compensation for that. This is almost half of the minimum wage announced by the government itself and that payments have also been due for the last many months now,” says the AWP statement.

The statement said the AWP fully supports the brief sit-in staged by the community teachers at the Lahore Press Club to push for acceptance of their demands.