ISLAMABAD   -   In a complete u-turn from its earlier commitment, Capital Development Authority (CDA) has withdrawn its cricket team from participating in the forthcoming Patron’s Trophy Grade-II.

CDA, through its Sports Officer Chaudhry Shahzad Yaseen, informed Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) that due to financial constraints, CDA team should be considered as withdrawn from participation. “We have withdrawn our team due to financial constraints,” said a CDA cricket team player, who requested anonymity.

It is unfortunate that after shifting of sports and culture department from CDA to Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI), MCI Mayor has withdrawn the team after issuing of draws of Patron’s Trophy Grade-II by PCB.

This bizarre withdrawal of team participation took place after CDA confirmed its participation last month. CDA, now MCI, has recruited more than two dozen cricketers over the period of time. So much so, some players have already given or being given plots as per policy of the authority in a bid to attract quality players.

The demobilization or withdrawal of CDA team from participation in a PCB tournament has cast doubts on the continuity of their services in CDA/MCI. It is learnt that players have been expressing their deep concern on the CDA’s non-sporting decision or opting for anti-sports policy.

In particular, MCI, under Mayor Ansar Aziz Sheikh, has largely assumed its role as an anti-sporting organization. MCI has already receiving flaks from Islooites for its policies turning the capital almost non-attractive city with problems being posed to its citizens and those visiting the capital. 

It is hoped that Prime Minister Imran Khan will take notice and save the jobs of CDA cricket team players, who were appointed on the basis of sports, but they had to perform different roles already. If CDA teams are closed down in phases, where would hundreds of employees go.

CDA has also given employments to youth in different sports.

All the sportsmen are holding their breaths and hoping that their jobs will be saved. MCI Mayor has promised to provide funds form his own pocket. Now where all his tall claims and promises have vanished? One person’s negligence can cost hundreds of employees.