TEXAS   -    Ciara - who already has a son and a daughter - is interested in having another child in the future.

The ‘Goodies’ hitmaker - who has four-year-old son Future Zahir with her former partner Future and 23-month-old daughter Sienna with husband Russell Wilson - has been thinking about expanding her brood and though there’s no ‘’perfect timing’’ as to when she could get pregnant again, she suggested it won’t be in the near future.

Asked if she’s thinking of having another baby, she said: ‘’I do think about it and I do wanna do it again, of course at the right time. ‘’There’s no perfect timing, but I’m having fun dancing right now with a little flat tummy. So I’m gonna enjoy this.’’ The 33-year-old singer loves the fact her little girl already loves to dance.

She told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: ‘’I was rehearsing for the ‘Thinkin About You’ video. She’s watching on the sofa, because there’s a moment where I’m dancing in the bedroom and I jump to the bed and I jump around like singing with a hair brush and all this fun stuff. And she’s watching me and she’s like mimicking, she’s loving to dance.’’

Ciara shed 50lbs after giving birth to Sienna and she believes drinking ‘’tons of water’’ was vital for her weight loss, as well as refusing to give into her cravings. She said: ‘’Tons of water, water is key and honestly just listening to your body.

‘’I had to work on mastering that because I love food so much, and food is so good. It’s so comforting and the problem is that when it’s in your face you want more. ‘’Finding balance is really key.. That’s what I’ve really been working on and I will tell you it’s been a long time, it’s hard work trying to do that...I really talk to myself, I’m not going to eat those fries right now...brownie ice cream, I hear you. Imma eat you tomorrow.’’

But despite her enviable figure, Ciara has also embraced her flaws. She said: ‘’Even something as real as having stretch marks on my back on both sides, I look at these babies and it’s all worth it. This is beautiful.’’