LAHORE - The government is compelling the public sector university teachers to protest on roads by shutting down various research projects funding, said Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association Punjab chapter President Prof Dr Hamid Mukhtar in a press statement issued here on Thursday.  Prof Mukhtar said neither provincial nor federal Higher Education Commission were providing any funding to the university teachers for participating and presenting research papers at the international conferences abroad, which was seriously criminal and in a sense discouraging the researchers who put in a lot efforts to do research, writer papers and get them published by reputed foreign journals.

Prof Mukhtar said the Prime Minister had taken notice of the Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) restrictions on PhD programmes for faculty members, as well as the closure of six major projects of the commission, but nothing had been done practically yet to restart the funding.


He said the programmes rolled back included faculty development program, Start-up research grants for fresh PhD Holders, Grant for Repair and Maintenance of Scientific Equipment, Access to scientific instrumentation program, Research Travel Grant for university faculty and scholars and Grants to organise seminar, conference and training workshop.