I would like to draw your humble attention towards a very important matter that the women of our society are facing.

Women are a goddess in our society perhaps. We all keep on telling and writing about the rights and freedom of women but do, we women really guarantee them? Goddess or no goddess, women are the victims of dowry. Upon marriage, the groom`s family recklessly demands dowry. There seems to be an utter disregard of financial background and economic wellbeing of the family.

After marriage, if their hunger for money has not finished, they keep on bargaining for more dowry from the girl’s family. If the bride’s father is not able to pay on time, the groom’s family then threatens the girl by either having her beaten or by saying that she would be divorced.

The father has to sell his properties for saving the marriage from breaking. The girl faces severe torture.

I would request you to look into this issue, with anti-dowry bill already circulating in the Punjab Assembly. This initiative needs to be adapted across the country.


March 25.