Muslims around the world suffer from numerous social and political problems. The annihilation and every day casualty with molestation have become their fate.

The reason for their downfall is that they have diverted from the essential essence and principle of religion. The religion of Islam teaches equality, unity, solidarity, and faith. The belief of oneness is a sublime indeed. Allah owns all those who preach his commands and strays those who ousted to follow His path. The very reason that Muslim are down to earth and victims of foreign aggression, brutality, molestation and isolation in the world is the misguided path. Islamophobia haunts the western countries.

According to the world out there, we sponsor terrorism around the world; the facts are on the contrary. The fact is that 9/11 impulsively baptized Muslims as a terrorist.

The target killing of Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad without prior permission from Pakistan was a classic violation. They violated international agreements where Pakistan was an abettor and USA as a perpetrator of terrorism. Is not it ironic?

It is an utter folly of the west and specifically the Americans that Muslims living in any part of the world are weak, helpless and dependent. The Muslims are peaceful, strong and a harmonic community, only if you interact with them on a daily basis. They have the capability to counter and oppress their rivals. Islam reveals fraternity, reciprocity, and harmony.

Our country is fighting a war with huge sacrifices. We collect the debris of war and bear a huge economic loss to vanquish the terror. Still, the demand for ‘Do More’ phrase is persistent from the White House. The Muslims of today have to realize that this is time to unite and safeguard their fellow Muslim. For what it’s worth Muslims of Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Kashmir, and Burma are neither a terrorist nor sponsor of terrorism.

It is time to teach the west a lesson that Islam is the religion of peace and Muslims are championing the cause of order, peace and tranquility. The message of holy scripture, the Quran is peace, brethren, and fraternity. The Muslims history is the epitome of the golden period regarding education, science, philosophy, theology, and culture. History speaks for itself that the reign of Muslim leaders brought prosperity and equality. The Muslims and non-Muslims are equal in the laws of the constitution and our religion, which propagates equal social standing.

While looking at the current situation, it seems that Muslims are discriminated in all spheres of life. The Americans impose unusual sanctions on Muslim countries. The innocent Muslim children living in Kashmir, Iraq, Syria, Burma, and Palestine are inhumanly treated and victimized. The Israeli forces lethally murder the Muslims, pelting guns of Indian forces blind the Kashmiri children and human rights violations have become a norm now.

It is high time for all the Muslim leaders to unite and advocate for freedom and liberty. The sufferings of individual Muslim causes a panicky situation across the Ummah.

The lord of the universe looks at the brutality of humans on the earth; he condemns the injustice and tyrant rule of one human over the other. He disgusts the aggression and discrimination. He shall change the fate of aggrieved Muslims and will revive their past glory.

The slaughtering of 50 innocent Muslims in the sacred mosque, Al Noor at Christchurch, New Zealand will not be in vain.


Larkana, March 25.