ISLAMABAD - The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) on Saturday re­jected eight applications of the manufacturing of hand sanitizers for not meeting the prescribed cri­teria while accepted only 52 out of total received applications for the purpose.

The documents available with The Nation said that the DRAP re­ceived 183 applications from dif­ferent companies for the manu­facturing of hand sanitizers and approved only 52.

The regulatory body reject­ed 86 applications and deferred 45 filed for not meeting the pre­scribed criteria set for the man­ufacturing of hand sanitizers in the country.

The notification issued for the approval of the applications said that in compliance to the Author­ity’s decision made in its 76th meeting held and decision of the Enlistment Evaluation Commit­tee (EEC) manufacturers are per­mitted to prepare hand sanitizers, containing the formulation and pack sizes.

It also said that the provisional permission is subject to the condi­tions including for campaign man­ufacturing will expire on 02-07-2020.

It also said that it is an inter­im arrangement to meet the dire need of availability of quality hand sanitizers during COVID-19 pan­demic and it does not confer any right for unlimited continuation of manufacture or product authori­zations.