A death occurring at an Ehsaas Centre in the country, aimed at helping the population receive capital to fight off coronavirus, is a cause for concern. The effectively planned out lockdown in the country has managed to restrict several at homes, but there are minor loopholes in the plan. While the government has announced to help the citizens during this time, the help is being provided in a very traditional manner where there is no practice of social distancing. This once again puts a chunk of population at risk of contracting the virus, particularly the underprivileged, who if affected in this crisis can cripple the health system altogether.

The government and the concerned authorities need to be very vigilant while setting up Ehsaas Centres for the underprivileged. Given that a large number do not have adequate amounts of information regarding the virus, the administration at these Ehsaas Centres needs to carefully monitor the interaction and ensure that all safety precautions are being met. Those responsible for setting up Ehsaas Centres in different areas must also be equipped with the knowledge to create awareness in masses, particularly at a time like this. If the masses step out to see no enforcement of the national policy, it is more likely that they will not follow orders of a lockdown strictly, once again limiting the government’s options of truly being able to provide relief in such a situation.

The reason why this is an alarming incident is that despite Pakistan’s best efforts to curtail the situation, the virus can spread from one misdemeanour or lapse in concentration. We have examples of this from countries like South Korea, where a single person was able to spread the disease due to a lack of adherence to policies in place. We need stricter protocols in place to prevent this virus from taking several lives.