ISLAMABAD-As an acclaimed educationist, I foresee we as a nation must be ready to embrace the challenge of COVID-19 and be ready to fight this pandemic with the power of knowledge to bridge the gap and connecting schools to home. RIS&C took the bold pioneering move to inculcate virtual education all across Pakistan. We as determined educational institution paved the way to digitalize learning in 21st century and took it to large scale during unfortunate pandemic situation to reach each and every student by using all possible digital mediums from LMS to mobile apps. RIS –learning management system has digitized the learning process in a transformational process.

RIS-Virtual Learning platform believes in the optimal utilization of technology to give road map of online learning to the whole world and follow the global practices in this difficult time. Virtual learning platform is basically cloud hosted, unified, flexible, secure and vigorous initiative to manage digital learning through web, Microsoft-TEAMS. We have established an uninterrupted connectivity between nationwide campuses, teachers, students and parents in very efficient manner, so that they can connect anywhere and anytime in the country as well as in the world.

We have established an integrated system through Microsoft TEAMS and Learning Management System, which has helped students to have full access to the real time lectures and supporting uploaded videos on Ms TEAMS and LMS. Roots Academy of Professional Development and Intellectual Development RAPID is working rigorously to equip more than 3000 teachers and staff online training and workshops, which is ultimately contributing to social inclusion and development of the country during these challenging times.

I believe that continuity of instruction in the event of the loss of an instructional day, due to any circumstances, is a critical component to our students’ success. Therefore, we all must adapt/implement Virtual Learning Environment. A virtual learning environment is a designed information space. The Virtual Learning Environment format allows faculty to provide instruction in the case of school closure and maintain the momentum established in the classroom. Students continue to learn through the use of personal devices, Learning Management System, MS TEAMS, online learning resources, other electronic and digital media to ensure interpreted instructions. A virtual learning environment integrates multiple tools and virtual space is a space for innovation.

Driven by the phenomenon adversity bring opportunity, we have taken special measures in this critical times. We are taking the ownership to adopt this innovative approach and preparing our stakeholders including parents, students and teachers for every circumstance. We are more concerned about safety, well-being and health of our students. We focus on uninterrupted, unprecedented, more visible, resilient and responsible connectivity of schools to home through this futuristic virtual learning platform. We educationists all across Pakistan need to come forward and connect with children immediately without wasting a single day of their time contributing in expansion of knowledge in this natural calamity and helping in economic growth of country though imparting academic excellence to the young ones.