LAHORE  - The global Coronavirus death toll has reached to 103,639 with nearly seventy per cent of the deaths are in Europe. The United States has become the first country in the world to record over 2,018 coronavirus deaths in a single day. In UK, death toll from coronavirus has gone up to 8,958. The UK government has issued another clarion call for people to stay at home during the Easter weekend. Meanwhile, nearly 1,712,655 people have been infected by the pandemic around the world.  On the other side, in some countries, the situation is improving, with the number of patients in intensive care decreasing in Spain, France and Italy.

COVID-19 death toll in India reaches 239

Cases of coronavirus is on the rise in India as total confirmed number of Corona affected patients stands at 7,447, while 239 people have died of the pandemic. Six hundred and forty-three people have been recovered, while 6,565 are still active cases, reported across India.