ISLAMABAD - Health experts on Saturday sug­gested pooling the novel corona­virus (COVID-19) samples of the population in batches at grass root level for mass testing.

Dr. Ghulam Abbas and Dr. Mu­hammad Abdullah in a discus­sion held on ways for conducting mass testing of population of COV­ID-19 said that in the current pan­demic situation the 200 million population of the country must be screened and positive cases should be isolated.

He said that for the mass testing the samples could be collected and pooled together to make a batch which can be as low as a family or at the level of a Mohalla.

The health experts said that the procedure should be based on one test one capacity basis from the pool.

If the test resulted negative the whole batch can be cleared and on the contrary if the test is positive the batch can further probed mak­ing small batches till all the posi­tive cases are isolated from gener­al public and quarantined.

They said that the solution is not only cost effective but also prag­matic and possible for implemen­tation. Through this method all the rural and urban population can be screened with the current limited resources.