As the A.C visited Hub dam some days ago and she closed illegal water lines and the water was supplied very well in Hub City. The people were very happy after a long time the water provided their homes. After some days again the height rant opened the water for tanker drivers and they are stealing the water and the tankers closed the water lines, which were supplying the water Hub city.

Lasbela dam was made in 1980; now it is destroyed and spoiled when the population was very less in Hub city and there were many industries at that time.

The Lasbela dam is also providing water in Karachi and DGK factory as well as the hotels, farmers are stealing the water on the R.C.D road. Here, the people of Hub city are deprived of the water, as due to coronavirus the Hub is lockdown and the people are facing many problems for water.

It is the request of A.S of Hub and the government of Balochistan to alert the authorities and soon make the Lasbela canal. Also, take the notification about the tankers’ drivers.