Yesterday, I went to one of Karachi’s Market for work. I ensured to have my sanitiser in the pocket and surgical mask on my face. I heard the city is in partial lockdown-and social distancing is being exercised.

Contrary to my expectations, the market was crowded and people were literally greeting each other with hugs and handshakes as if nothing is going on. Social distancing, if it possessed human characteristics, would be laughing out loud on this. God forbid if the outbreak erupts, which is very likely to happen, then Karachi is very much going to justify the meaning of its name-the graveyard, but unfortunately, the dead ones wouldn’t be lucky enough to deserve a grave this time.

I also heard that people didn’t listen to police when they tried to convince them for the closure of mosques. They, certainly making a joke on themselves, prayed outside the mosques. The possible reason, which I can conclude, is that they must be trying to pose a protest or giving a reply to the authorities that religion doesn’t fall under the criteria of lockdown. They are not only a threat to themselves but to the entire community. I demand the complete closure of any social activity that can risk the spread of Coronavirus.