The condemnable attack on three police officers while performing their duties only shows that lack of respect the general public is showing to the state’s attempts to save lives. In this particular incident, the officers, including a female SHO, were pelted with stones for asking mosque goers to adhere to the ban on congregation; one that has garnered unanimous support among the religious and political leadership. With roughly 5000 cases in the country, this is not the time to be flouting rules or policies regarding public gatherings that the provincial and federal governments have imposed.

We must remember that all essential services beyond medical care professionals are putting their lives on the line as well; attacking them for risking themselves for our sakes is beyond abominable. The police especially, are out day and night on the roads only so that the general public adheres to the rules in place. It is already a difficult job; the lack of gratitude is one thing, but a brazen attack is much more callous. We need to stand by the police, and other professions in this time, those that are willing to sacrifice themselves for our collective welfare.

Citizens need to understand that the rules put in place by the government are no joke, nor are they optional. Currently, arresting everyone for petty crimes and further inundating our jails and prisons is unwise, but this does not mean that cases cannot be lodged against the perpetrators of this incidents and many others. Only a no-tolerance policy by the government will act as deterrence against future attacks on the police. Nothing else will be sufficient. Our heroes on the frontline must be protected.