ISLAMABAD - Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said on Saturday that the government has evolved a consen­sus Standard Operating System and Protocol (SOSP) for the repa­triation of stranded Pakistani citi­zens.

Chairing a meeting here at his office, the minister is making vig­orous efforts to bring back over­seas Pakistanis, who are willing to come to their home country, add­ing that so far 1,600 people have been brought back through nine special flights, while thousands of others are waiting for their turn.

He said the government fully realizes the pain of overseas Pa­kistanis and he has directed all the Pakistani embassies and for­eign missions to take care of their brethren staying in foreign lands.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi also urged workers of Tableeghi Ja­maat to remain in touch with Paki­stani ambassadors in Kenya, Tan­zania, Sudan, and wherever they are staying.

He said a strategy is also being evolved for the repatriation of pil­grims. He said efforts are being made for early release of detained Pakistani citizens in various coun­tries.

On Friday, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on National Secu­rity Division and Strategic Poli­cy Planning Mooed Yusuf had said that the government will bring back as many as 2,000 stranded Pakistanis beginning this week.

“This week laid off labor in Gulf; released prisoners; zaireen; and some on time bound visas and stuck in hotels, including many on government expense will be re­turning,” he said.

Several Pakistanis were left stuck in different parts of the world as the country closed its air­space for international flights in early April. A day earlier, the clo­sure was extended to April 21.