Through the column of your esteemed newspaper, I want to draw the attention of concerned authorities towards an important issue. Although Sindh is under lockdown due to the quick spread of coronavirus. On the other hand, this lockdown has impacted thalassemia patients adversely. Due to this lockdown thalassemia patients have become deprived of routine transfusions due to a shortage of blood.

A dangerous situation is developing in thalassemia centers. New donors are required immediately as centers are running out of stocks. Another reason includes health experts have said that a strong immune system can prevent coronavirus and people think that donating blood will make them weaker. It is appealed to people to donate blood. It is assured by the centers that blood donations will be taken with proper precautions under these circumstances and ambulance will also be sent to the donor’s residence to collect blood.

It is also requested to the government take notice of the problem promptly.

Hope you will publish this letter in your newspaper so we can get rid of this problem.