PESHAWAR - At least 13 members of a family including women and children were killed as a result of bombing at a village in Bajaur Agency while 50 Taliban were killed during fierce clashes between security forces and militants on Monday. According to details, during bombing at the suspected hideouts and bases of Taliban in different areas of Bajaur Agency, several mortars landed into the house of a tribesman Tasleem. As a result, 13 family members were killed. The eyewitnesses informed that the house was razed to the ground and no one survived. Later, the local tribesmen rushed to the site where they recovered the dead bodies from the debris. The local officials and tribesmen in Bajaur Agency informed that Taliban attacked the check posts of security forces in Sikandaro and Tor Ghundai areas of Bajaur Agency. The officials claimed that both the attacks were repulsed with inflicting heavy human and logistic losses to Taliban side. They claimed that 50 miscreants were killed and several others got injured during these clashes. Similarly there is also report of fighting in Shandi Mor and Khawar Manzal areas of Bajaur Agency. The security forces used gunship helicopters and jet fighter planes. The militants also bombed Omari Check Post that is quite close to Pak-Afghan border and Kaga Pass of Bajaur Agency. However, there is no report of casualties in the clashes and bombing in this part of Bajaur Agency. It merits mentioning that Taliban have recently sped up their efforts for what they call 'Islamisation' both in Dir and Buner regions. The dwellers from both the regions are in uncertain situation and now making attempts to block activities of Taliban through their traditional jirgas. It may be mentioned here that due to fierce fighting between the security forces and Taliban militants, thousands of people have left their homes in different parts of Bajaur Agency and shifted to other safer places. AFP adds: "Troops targetted militant hideouts and strongholds in Bajaur and more than 50 militants are killed," the paramilitary Frontier Corps said in a statement. A local security official said fighter jets and gunship helicopters were called in after the battle and carried out airstrikes lasting more than three hours. "Some of the bombs dropped by jets on suspected militants' hideouts in Tauheedabad and Damadola villages also hit many houses killing civilians and wounding others," the security official told AFP. There was no immediate information about casualties to security forces. Residents said the fighting erupted at 1:00 am on Monday and bodies were scattered across farmland 20 kilometres east of Khar, the main town in Bajaur. Local Taliban militants beheaded two men for alleged spying and shot dead a pro-government leader in Bajaur, officials said Monday. Separately in Bajaur, militants kidnapped two men and dumped their headless bodies on Sunday with a note accusing them of "spying on Taliban activities", residents and officials said. Also Sunday, militants shot dead a tribal elder who supported the government in South Waziristan, another restive tribal district, local administration official Muwaz Khan told AFP. Tribesmen blocked a key road leading out of South Waziristan to protest the killing, residents said.