Pakistan's internal and external debts have gone up to $90 billion. The external debt has increased by 15 percent to $47 billion while the internal debt stands at $43 billion, showing a 17percent increase during the tenure of last government. The government also borrowed a record Rs 661 billion from the SBP in the last financial year, effectively printing more paper money. As our debts are piling and no investment taking place from abroad owing to the law and order situation, the matters are becoming very difficult for us. The government will continue to borrow and therefore bring in more expenses and taxes to be faced by our poor masses. That generates little in the business sector. The budget itself shows what the government plans to do on the borrowing front through out the year. The suicide rates may keep going up on a daily basis but no industries will be set up here to take in the unemployed. Politicians are too busy in their junkets abroad. The coalition government is doing little to bring economic stability. -DAWOOD SHAKIL, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, July 30.