ISLAMABAD- Capital Development Authority (CDA) is likely to approve Rs 670 million for hiring consultancy services for the detailed engineering design of 6th, 10th and 11th avenues as well as six other projects in its next Development Working Party (DWP) meeting. The projects include development work in Orchard Scheme, Murree Road, procurement of machinery for up-gradation of street lights system, provision of additional facilities at Pak Secretariat, construction of mosque at Rawal Town, retention wall along J Salik Colony, Sewage Treatment Plants for Rawal Lake, I-15 and I-16, informed an official of the Authority. 10th Avenue, that would have grade separations at eight places, would join IJ Principal Road with Khayaban-e-Iqbal, passing through sectors F-9 and F-10 on Northern and I-9 and I-10 on Southern ends. The Avenue would link IJP Road with Nullah Lai Expressway, the official said. 11th Avenue would start from IJP Road near Pir Wadhai Bus Stand and would culminate at Margalla Avenue, which would provide another connection for the capital city to Peshawar and Lahore. The Avenue would have 11 intersections with other roads. 6th Avenue would join Murree Road with Margalla Avenue, passing through sectors F-5 and F-6, CDA official maintained. He said that all the three avenues would be completely signal-free and bridges and underpasses would be constructed at intersections with other roads. He said the physical work on the projects would be initiated during the next fiscal year. The official further informed that the sewage treatment plant for Rawal Lake would control pollution in the lake and would protect its water from contamination. He said that out of the three short-listed firms, two have submitted their bids for the execution of the project, which he said are being processed.