ISLAMABAD - The Task Committee assigned the duty to draft the impeachment resolution and charge sheet against President Musharraf to be tabled before the Joint Sitting of the Parliament had drawn a broad outline of the charges to be included in the indictment document. The sources privy to the deliberations of the Task Committee meeting disclosed to The Nation that both his Military Coups, first on Oct 12, 1999 when he had toppled the elected government of Mian Nawaz Sharif and then again on Nov 3, 2007 when he imposed emergency, which was actually Martial Law, and sent the apex court judges packing, were included in the charge sheet. The charge sheet would also contain the evidence against him for violation of Articles 5(1)(2), 42, 190, 209, 243 to 245, 257, 262 and 263, his election in uniform, his election speeches in support of a political party, killing Nawab Akbar Bugti (his own statement is the proof), imposed Martial Law, arrested and confined Chief Justice of Pakistan and other judges along with their families, selling Pakistanis to the USA as admitted in his own book 'In the Line of Fire-Page 237, his admission that all acts of November 2 were unconstitutional, Presidential Referendum and admission in his book that it was a mistake, sought election to the office of President while in uniform in violation of the Constitution, 40 kanal farm in Chak Shahzad and extension of Motorway to his farmland at public expense, using NAB to buy politicians as admitted by ex-head of political section of ISI Maj Gen Zameer and Kargil debacle. The sources further disclosed that the committee would frame proper charge sheet on the constitutional breaches on part of President Pervez Musharraf and would also annex solid documentary evidence against each and every charge and the indictment document could contain well over 100 pages. These sources said that the whole exercise of completing the resolution and charge sheet would be completed in a day or so and once the document was ready the same would be presented to the heads of the coalition partners for final approval. Meanwhile, after the meeting of the Task Committee framing the charge sheet against President Musharraf here on Monday, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Ms Sherry Rehman, who is also member of the committee, said a comprehensive constitutional and parliamentary motion was being prepared for impeachment of the President. "A well-planned impeachment motion against President Pervez Musharraf is a movement of people and constitution, which is gaining momentum day by day," she said while talking to media outside the Parliament House here after attending a meeting held to finalize the impeachment draft. The people of Pakistan being democratic know well what form of democracy the country should have, she said, terming the impeachment bid "a journey towards real democracy." The Minister said Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) had started the exercise of gathering material against President Musharraf five years ago and added now there was sufficient material against him while annexures were also being attached with the impeachment draft. The Minister said the government already had more than the required number to successfully impeach the President, but it would welcome all parliamentarians who want to join democratic forces against the dictatorship. To a query, she said no question of horse-trading was involved as under Article 63 of the constitution "one can vote according to conscience." Replying to another question, she said Punjab Assembly had started proceedings to table a motion, while NWFP, Sindh and Balochistan Assemblies would complete the process very soon. Sherry Rehman said 35 members from PML-Q have so far made a forward bloc to vote in favour of the democratic forces. "PML-Q is not in favour of using Article 58(2)b, which means they want that the President should resign gracefully," she added. When asked if the government would take assistance from the PML-Q in preparing the charge sheet, she said that at present the coalition did not need such a help from the PML-Q. However, she said, if PML-Q wanted to offer their assistance for this purpose, "they are more than welcome." To another question, she said, "Makhdoon Amin Fahim is a senior politician who has given sacrifices for democracy. Being an experienced politician, who always fought against dictatorship, he would never join undemocratic forces in the impeachment move." Meanwhile, Co-Chairman Pakistan people's Party Asif Ali Zardari has said that the decision to impeach the President has been taken after complete consensus and its timing is correct. PPP Co-Chairman said this while addressing the ministers and other MPAs belonging to Sindh Assembly here at Zardari House on Monday. All the party leaders from Sindh have fully endorsed the policies of Asif Ali Zardari and put their weight behind him in all circumstances, including the crucial decision of going for the impeachment of President Musharraf. Zardari reminded that the PPP had a long history of struggle against dictatorship. "Our party is a federal party and also the largest party in the country, so it has greater responsibility to save the Federation," he said. Chief Minister Syed Qayem Ali Shah, Leader of the House in Senate Mian Raza Rabbani, Speaker Sindh Assembly Nisar Khoro, Senior Provincial Minister Peer Mazharul Haq and other members of Sindh cabinet and the provincial assembly members attended the meeting. Zardari said that PPP had taken charge of the country at a time when it was facing huge challenges both at internal and external fronts. "Everyone knows about the current situation of the country that is even worst than 1971 and 1988. Leaders like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto were there at that time to handle, but now PPP is trying to counter the crisis keeping in view the thoughts and ideologies of its great martyred leaders," he said. He also reminded that PPP and its leadership had faced conspiracies in past and that was still the case and urged the participants to counter the same. He informed the participants that PPP had faced enormous pressure to join hands with General Musharraf and in reward the governments of all four provinces along with the government in centre were offered "but we preferred to work with democratic forces". He said that at this time integrity of the country was the first and foremost priority for the party and therefore, instead of taking the revenge of its martyrs, PPP opted to follow late Benazir's advice "democracy is the best revenge." He said that PPP would work hard to introduce democracy in its true form and spirit in the country. "General Musharraf is standing alone today due to our political strategies," he said, adding that PPP had succeeded to convey its message to international community that the stability in Pakistan could only be possible through real democracy and not through dictatorship. He said those who were blaming coalition partners for delay in taking steps had no idea about the current circumstances. He reminded that he had conveyed a message to General Musharraf two months back to quit but he didn't consider it and now he was isolated. "I am well-aware that the nation has been facing other issues including inflation and unemployment since the last few years. Poor masses have expectations from us and we will succeed to stand up to their expectations. We will bring positive changes in their lives as promised by late Benazir Bhutto," he added. Other leaders of the party also spoke on the occasion and lauded the decision of Co-Chairman PPP to impeach the President, adding that it was the need of the hour. All the members present in the meeting endorsed the decisions of Co- Chairman while expressing their full trust in his leadership.