ISLAMABAD- As the PPP-led ruling alliance gives final touches to the impeachment move against the President, United States and UK, the main guarantors of Musharraf-Benazir deal, have stepped up their efforts to ensure the 'safe passage' for the retired general. Mark Lyall Grant, former British High Commissioner in Pakistan and currently Director General, Political Directorate, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, reached Islamabad Monday evening to have a firsthand knowledge of the grave political crisis and to meet the President and top leaders of Pakistan's ruling alliance. Mr Grant, who played a key role in the much talked about power-sharing agreement between the President and late Benazir Bhutto, will stay in Pakistani capital for a couple of days and try to resolve the Musharraf-ruling alliance row in an amicable way. Aidan Liddle, spokesperson of British High Commission, confirmed the arrival of the former British envoy to Pakistan. When asked as to what was the purpose of the senior British diplomat's visit at this critical juncture, he said that Grant was here to take stock of the current political situation and during his stay he would meet the leaders across the political divide. However, a diplomatic source said that Grant would call on the President and also the ruling alliance's leaders including Asif Ali Zardari, to discuss the matters related to the President's impeachment and a safe passage for the former strongman of Pakistan. Meanwhile, the US Ambassador to Pakistan, Anne Patterson also reportedly called on President Pervez Musharraf here on Monday. Media reports suggested that the meeting between the President and the US envoy too was a part of efforts of world powers' efforts to defuse the current political crisis amicably. The President's spokesman, Maj Gen (R) Rashid Qureshi, however, denied that any meeting had taken place between the President and the US Ambassador at all. A senior government official said irrespective of the denial of meeting between the US envoy and the President, the United States was very much active on this front as it anticipated the success of impeachment move and hence wanted an honourable exit for the retired General after his resignation. One important issue, he said, was the final destination of President Musharraf after his resignation, it is also being discussed by the international guarantors as to which country would be the host of the President if it was decided that he would go abroad. "And if it was decided that the President would stay in Pakistan after his resignation, then all the related issues including his security at the top are also being discussed," the official said. Meanwhile, Musharraf is believed to have sought help from some foreign friends to secure his safe exit under the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), credible sources told TheNation on Monday. Informed sources said that President Musharraf had contacted some foreign friends in the West as well as in Middle East to help securing his safe exit on the face of mounting public pressure on the coalition government to try him for various offences soon after his impeachment. Sources privy to these developments said that President Musharraf had contacted his powerful foreign friends for help either in the sape of withdrawal of impeachment motion against him by the government or secure his safe exit under the NRO that he had promulgated last year. "The situation will be clear enough in a few days as to how the government decides the fate of President Musharraf", a source said. President Musharraf had promulgated the NRO giving amnesty to a number of politicians, political workers and senior civil servants in corruption and criminal cases and President Musharraf is seeking similar amnesty for involved him self. Agencies add: TV channels had reported that the US Ambassador discussed with Musharraf matters related to the impeachment process as well as other issues. US Ambassador had reportedly told the President that US did not want any confrontation between the institutions and want democracy to flourish in the country. The President had assured that he will not do anything that would give rise to any confrontation and he was a staunch believer in democracy but he reserves the right to defend all allegations leveled against him, TV channels had quoted the sources. The channels further reported that US Ambassador had offered safe exit for Musharraf in case he resign. According to NNI, the US government has tasked Patterson to convince Musharraf to resign with offers of respectable and safe exit. The Bush administration has also made it clear to President Pervez Musharraf that America would not interfere in any impeachment move against him but was ready to guarantee his safe and respectable stay in Pakistan. The US has also signalled to remain neutral regarding pressure on President Musharraf for resignation.